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    iron oxide brown
    iron oxide brown
     Trade name  Iron oxide brown
     Type  868、663、610、640、686
     Delivery form  Powder
     Colour index  Pigment brown
     CAS No./EC No.  1309-37-1/215-168-2
    Contents (Fe2O3.aH2O) % ≥88 ISO1248
    Oil absorption ml/100g 20~30 ISO787-5
    Res. on 325 mesh % ≤0.3 ISO787-7
    Water soluble salts % ≤0.5 ISO787-3
    Moisture % ≤1.5 ISO787-2
    pH value   4~7 ISO787-9
    Bulk density g/cm3 0.5~0.8 ISO787-11
    Specific gravity g/cm3 4.7 ISO787-10
    Tinting Strength      
    (Compared with Standard) % 95~105 ISO787-24
    Color Difference △E      
    (Compared with Standard)   similar ISO787-1
     Sales packing  In 25kg paper bag/1000kg bulk bag then palletized
     Transport & Storage  Protect against weathering / Store in a dry place
     Safety  The product is not classified as hazardous under EC 1907/2006 & EC 1272/2008
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